Zulu Memorial

Rorke's Drift

Zulu The Zulu Undi corps, 4000 strong and under the command of Cetshwayo's half-brother, Dabulamanzi, consisting of the uThulwana, inDlu-yengwe, inDlondlo, and uDloko regiments, were held in reserve at Isandlwana. The Undi left the battle at approximately 2 PM and moved along the trail to Rorke's Drift. Cetshwayo gave his regimental commanders strict orders not to cross the Buffalo River into Natal, so as to not be seen as the aggressors in the War. Dabulamanzi, unsatisfied with his reserve role in the battle, and to ensure that his troops had a chance to "wash" their spears, disobeyed orders and crossed into Natal to attack the British station at the Drift. The 95 men of Company B of the 2d Battalion, 24th Warwickshire Regiment, behind hastily improvised breastworks made from mealie bags and heavy biscuit tins, used their .45 calibre Martini-Henry rifles and bayonets effectively for 12 hours. The Zulu's gallantly made repeated charges into the face of withering rifle fire and bayonet thrusts, ultimately loosing 600 men. The memorial, pictured to the left, was erected at Rorke's Drift as a tribute to Zulu valor.

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Created 21 FEB 2000; MOdified 15 MAY 2001