The Chapel/Storehouse

Rev. Otto Witt's chapel at Rorke's Drift was commandeered, along with his house, as the British Central Column, coming from Helpmekaar, crossed the Buffalo River during its invasion of Zululand. While the house was used for a hospital, the chapel was converted into a storehouse. Lt. John Chard's defensive line encompassed the chapel and included a "last stand" redoubt just in front of it. As the battle progressed, the chapel/storehouse was also used as a surgery. When the Zulus finally overran Witt's house at about 7:30 PM the British fell back on the defenses surrounding the chapel. It was in the yarn in front of the chapel that the Zulu attack was finally held in check.

To the right is a photograph of the chapel, rebuilt in 1881, taken in January 2000.


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Created 25 FEB 2000; Modified 15 MAY 2001