24th Warwickshire Monument

Rorke's Drift

The defense of Rorke's Drift was primarily the responsibility of 95 effectives of Company B of the 2d battalion of the 24th Warwickshire Regiment (2/24), under Lt. Gonville Bromhead, left there to guard the storehouse. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded for gallantry at Rorke's Drift; seven to men from Company C. The VCs were awarded to:
  • Lt. J. R. M. Chard, R.E.
  • Lt. G. Bromhead, 2/24
  • Pvt. J. (1395)* Williams, 2/24
  • Pvt, A. H. Hook, 2/24
  • Pvt. R. (716) Jones, 2/24
  • Pvt. W. (539) Jones, 2/24
  • Cpl. W. Allen, 2/24
  • Pvt. F. Hitch, 2/24
  • Surg. Maj. J. H. Reynolds, R.A.M.C.
  • Cpl. C. F. Schiess, NNC
  • Act. Comm. J. Dalton, Commisariat
The photograph of the monument to the 24th Warwickshire Regiment at Rorke's Drift was taken in January 2000.

* Because many of the men of the 24th had the same names, enlistment numbers were often used to distingush among them.

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