British Cairns


When Lord Chelmsford and his troops returned to the battlefield at Isandlwana on the night of 22 February 1879, his exhaused troops slept among the British and Zulu bodies littering the battlefield. Then next morning, they arose and saw the butcher's bill of the battle. Fearful of an imminent Zulu attack, the British withdrew, leaving their dead on the field. In early March 1879, almost six weeks after the battle, troops were sent to bury the dead in rudimentary graves, and it wasn't until May 1879, that Chelmsford felt it was safe enought to return to Isandlwana to give the troops proper burial. The cairns erected at that time are preserved on the battlefield, as seen in the photograph above taken in January 2000.

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Created 26 FEB 2000; Updated 15 MAY 2001