24th Warwickshire Monument


The defense of the camp at Isandlwana was primarily the responsibility of 800 officers and men of the1st battalion of the 24th Warwickshire Regiment (1/24), supported by four companies of troops from the Natal Native Contingent (NNC). The 1/24 had been overseas since 1867, first in Malta and then Gibraltar. It sailed for South Africa in 1875 after being brought up to strength by a levy of 300 Welshmen. The batallion thereafter took on a Welsh character that it had not previously enjoyed.

The men of the 24th fiercely defended the camp, and when it was overrun, a group from Company C, led by Capt. Reginald Younghusband, retreated up the slope of Isandlwana where they made a last stand. The Zulus reported that the last shots were fired "when the shadows were long on the ground," estimated to be about 5:00 PM. A few of the 24th's men were able to escape from the battlefield and make their way across the Buffalo River at Fugitives' Drift.

The photograph of the monument to the 24th Warwickshire Regiment on the Isandlwana battlefield was taken in January 2000.

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Created 26 FEB 2000; Modified 15 MAY 2001