Polyester was once hailed as a magic fiber capable of being washed, scrunched, and pulled on without showing any signs of wear or wrinkles--a wash and go fabric which promised convenience and economy in a time that invented fast food and proliferated the household appliance. Now it is remembered for its bright double-knit fabrics and uncomfortable texture. But could this infamous fiber be on the rebound? Now in the technological age, where time is money and easy is a way of life, polyester in its "reformed" state might be the answer to a working person's prayer. This web page is a salute to this illustrious fiber and the domestic freedom that it promises.

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Polyester Revival

This web page was created by Kristin Boekhoff (e-mail: kkb2@cornell.edu) for her final project for Peter Schwartz's TXA 337: Structural Fabric Design class at Cornell University on 4/27/96.