Monument Project Proposal


I am putting together a web site containing photographs of local Civil War monuments--the kind that are found in town squares or cemeteries across the North and the South. I plan to have them indexed by state.

How you can help:

Please send me a photograph of your town's/county's/state's Civil War Monument either electronically (.jpg, .tif, or .gif format preferred, but I can convert others) or by snail mail. If you want the photograph returned, note it on the back and include your return address; I will return it after I scan it. Include the following so I can caption the picture and give you credit:


I want to stress that I would like local monuments to Union and Confederate soldiers in general, or local units, not monuments from ACW battlefields or Richmond's Monument Avenue.

Peter Schwartz
Auburn University
101 Textile Building
Auburn, AL 36849-5327

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Posted 03 MAY 1999; Revised 13 JUL 2001