Brigadier General Stephen Weed
Lieutenant Charles Hazlett

Stephen Weed

Stephen Weed commanded a brigade in George Sykes' V Corps on Little Round Top. Attached to his brigade was the 5 U. S. Artillery in which Charles Hazlett was a battery commander. As described by Shelby Foote:

Weed, coming up behind [Col. Patrick O'Rorke, 140 NY] with the rest of his brigade, was shot in the head by a sniper down in the Devil's Den, and as Hazlett, who was standing beside him directing the fire of his two guns, bent forward to catch any last words the twenty-nine-year-old brigadier might utter, he too was dropped, probably by the same long range marksman, and fell dead across Weed's body.

Foote, S.,The Civil War, A Narrative. Fredericksburg to Meridian. Vantage, NY, 1986.

Charles Hazlett

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