Major General Isaac Ridgeway Trimble

Isaac Trimble came to Gettysburg with Richard Ewell's Corps, but without a command. Wounded commanding a brigade at Second Manassas, Trimble, though not fully healed, was given command of one of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's divisions in January 1863. In April, Trimble fell ill, and command of his division passed to Edward "Allegheny" Johnson. Hearing of Robert E. Lee's movement north, Trimble joined Lee's column in mid-June. After becoming a general nuisance at Lee's headquarters, he joined Ewell in Carlisle on 28 June.

On 1 July, Trimble, along with Jubal Early, pressed Ewell to continue the advance through Gettysburg and take Cemetery Hill. When Ewell refused, Trimble, throwing down his sword, stormed off.

On 3 July, Lee replaced James Lane, who had been in charge of Dorsey Pender's division after Pender was wounded, with Trimble, and assigned him to support the extreme left flank of the coming assault. By the time Trimble had arrived to take command, Lane had formed the troops for the assault, placing Alfred Scale's brigade under William Lowrance, which had been bloodied badly on 1 July attacking McPherson's Ridge, in the lead position. As the men approached the Emmitsburg Road, James Pettigrew's left flank had all but disintegrated and Trimble's organization had broken down completely; many of the troops retreating, because of the enfilading fire from the 8th Ohio, under the command of Franklin Sawyer--in much the same manner that George Stannard's Vermonters had engaged James Kemper's brigade on the Confederate right. Trimble was wounded in the ankle and was carried to the rear where the surgeons removed the lower third of his leg. Unable to join Lee's retreat, Trimble was captured by the advancing Federals, and exchanged in February 1865, too late to rejoin the Lee's army.

Trimble had once remarked to Stonewall Jackson, "Before this war is over, I intend to be a major general or a corpse." He survived the War as a major general.

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