Major General George Sykes

George Sykes commanded V Corps, Army of the Potomac, during the battle of Gettysburg. A division commander in V Corps, he succeeded to the command when George Meade was promoted to Commanding General of the Army of the Potomac on 28 June 1863. Arriving from Hannover on 1 July, V Corps, along with David McM. Gregg's cavalry skirmished with James Walker's Stonewall Brigade on Brinkerhoff's Ridge. From there Syke's Corps camped just south and east of Culp's Hill. On the afternoon of 2 July, two of his divisions were sent to the aid of Daniel Sickles' III Corps, heavily engaged in the Wheat Field. The third was sent to fortify Little Round Top after Gouverneur Warren noticed that this hill was held only by a signal company.

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Photo source: Library of Congress
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