Brigadier General George Hume Steuart

George Steuart
George Steuart was commonly referred to as "Maryland" Steuart to distinguish him from J. E. B. Stuart. He was a brigade commander in Edward Johnson's division of II Corps.

On 2 July, Johnson posted Steuart's brigade on the lower part of Culp's Hill, facing the Union troops of George Greene. During the assault on Culp's Hill that evening, Steuart's troops managed to get around the flank of David Ireland's 137th New York, causing Ireland to compact his regiment and abandon part of his fortifications.

On 3 July, as the Confederates were planning to renew the attack, Green's men, supported by reinforcements from II and XII Corps, made a preŽmptive strike, and drove Steuart's men from the entrenchments.

In the battle for Culp's Hill, Steuart's brigade took 700 of the 2000 casualties suffered by Johnson's division, more than any other brigade.

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