Major General John Reynolds

John Reynolds commanded I Corps, Army of the Potomac, on 1 July 1863. His corps was about five miles from Gettysburg when John Buford's cavalry met Henry Heth's and Dorsey Pender's divisions of A. P. Hill's III Corps. Reynold's rushed to McPherson's Ridge ahead of his infantry in order to reconnoiter the position.

As I Corps came up, Reynolds directed troops of Soloman Meredith's First [Iron] Brigade, First Division, to sweep through Herbst's Woods on the right of the Confederate line. The men of the Iron Brigade routed James Archer's brigade and captured Archer. While exhorting the men forward, Reynolds was shot behind the ear by a Confederate sharpshoter and fell, dead, from his horse; the first, and highest ranking, general officer killed during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Command of I Corps passed to Abner Doubleday making him the senior officer on the field.

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