Brigadier General James Henry Lane

James Lane
James "Little Jim" Lane, like Thomas J. Jackson, taught at VMI prior to the War. On Day One at Gettysburg, Lane's brigade of North Carolinians arrived with the remainder of Dorsey Pender's division. Seeing action on the late afternoon of 1 July, Lane's brigade, separated from the rest of the division , was said to have formed "squares" during their attempt to drive Abner Doubleday's I Corps from Seminary Ridge. On 2 July, Lane was given command of the Pender's division after Pender was wounded, and he formed the division to support Richard Ewell's attack on Cemetery Hill before the attack on his front was abandoned. On 3 July, after forming his division on the extreme left for James Longstreet's assault, he was replaced by Issac Trimble and went back to lead his brigade. Advancing even after Longstreet's left wing was shattered by enfilade fire from the 8th OH, his brigade suffered almost 50% casualties before retreating.

After the War, Lane became professor of civil engineering at Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University) where he died in 1907. He is buried in Auburn's Pine HIll Cemetery.

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