President Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America. Like President Abraham Lincoln, Davis was a native Kentuckian. He later moved to a Mississippi plantation. A graduate of West Point, he served with valor in the Mexican War, was elected to the House of Representatives, and was Secretary of War in the administration of President Franklin Pierce. At the time of Mississippi's secession, Davis was serving in the U. S. Senate.

After resigning his seat in the U. S. Senate, he returned to Mississippi hoping to receive a commission in some Mississippi unit.

Back on his plantation, Brierfield, with his wife, Varina, he received news that he had been elected on 9 February 1861, Provisional President of the Confederate States of America, and was inaugurated on 18 February 1861, in the then Confederate capital, Montgomery, AL. On 22 February 1862, he was inagurated as President of the Confederate States for one, six-year term, as required by the Confederate Constitution adopted on 11 March 1861.

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Photo credits: Library of Congress
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