Brigadier General John B. Gordon

John Gordon
John B. Gordon commanded a brigade in Jubal Early's division of Richard Ewell's II Corps, ANV. During the morning of 1 July, Gordon's brigade was involved in the action with Oliver O. Howard's XI Corps north of Gettysburg. Later in the afternoon, after XI Corps had retreated through town and occupied Cemetery Hill, Early sent Gordon's brigade in support of William "Extra Billy" Smith's brigade, posted along the York Pike to guard the flank against a chimerical Union force. Gordon protested this move, but was overruled by Early, and spent the remainder of 1 July out on the York Pike with "Extra Billy."

On 12 April 1865, Gordon was at the head of the column of the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomatox as they marched to the surrender site where they were to stack arms and surrender their colors. When Johsua Chamberlain ordered the Federal troops there to "carry arms" in salute to the Confederates, Gordon reared his mount and dropped his sword to his boot tip to return the honor.

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Photo: National Archives
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