Brigadier General Richard Brooke Garnett

Richard Garnett
Richard B. Garnett commanded a brigade in George Pickett's division of James Longstreet's I Corps. Garnett's brigade arrived at Gettysburg after the Second Day's fighting, resting near the Chambersburg Pike. On 3 July, Garnett's brigade took up positions in front of Spangler's Woods.

During Longstreet's assault, Garnett's brigade was assigned to the front left of Pickett's division, with Henry Heth's division, now commanded by James Pettigrew, on his left and James Kemper's brigade on his right. Because Garnett had been injured recently by a hard kick from his horse, and was unable to walk, he led his brigade on horseback, in spite of Pickett's order that all men in the assault should be on foot.

While the Confederate forces were storming The Angle, as the 72d Pennsylvania, rose, took aim and fired, Garnett was struck in the head by a projectile--some say a bullet, and some say cannister--and died instantly.

There is some question as to whether the picture to the left is really of Garnett or that of his cousin.

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