Major General Edward Johnson

Edward Johnson
Edward "Allegheny" Johnson commanded the Stonewall Division in Richard Ewell's II Corps. He was given command of the division after Isaac Trimble sufferred a relapse from the wound he received at Second Manassas. Johnson received the nickname "Allegheny" from his earlier service in the Allegheny Mountains. On 1 July, on Brinkerhoff's Ridge, Richard Walker's Stonewall Brigade in Johnson's division skirmished with units of George Sykes' V corps and David McM. Gregg's cavalry. Later, Johnson's division was posted about one mile (1.6 kilometres) from Culp's Hill, where it remained the night.

On 2 July, Ewell ordered Johnson to take Culp's Hill. His attack fell directly upon George Greene's brigade, left there when the remainder of XII Corps was withdrawn and sent to help on the Federal left to stem the attack by James Longstreet. The Union troops managed to stop the Confederate attack, except on the right end where George Steuart's "Maryland Brigade" was able to get around the flank of the 137th New York, causing them to pull back and abandon a portion of their fortifications on Lower Culp's Hill.

On 3 July, while Johnson was planning to renew his assault, the Union troops made a preŽmptive strike, retaking the positions lost the previous evening.

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