Lieutenant General Ambrose P. Hill

A. P. Hill
Ambrose Powell "Little Powell" Hill was Commander of III Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, during the Gettysburg Campaign. III Corps was formed from that remainder of Stonewall Jackson's corps not given to Richard Ewell and Richard H. Anderson's division from James Longstreet's old corps.

On 1 July, headquartered at Cashtown, Hill allowed Henry Heth's division to make a reconnaisance in force along the Chambersburg Pike, toward Gettysburg, to determine what James J. Pettigrew's brigade had found there the night before. Pettigrew, following Robert E. Lee's orders not to bring on a general engagement, had marched towards Gettysburg the evening of 30 June, but retired when he observed what appeared to be Union cavalry. Heth's division, with Dorsey Pender's division in support, met Federal cavalry under John Buford and, later, John Reynold's I Corps.

On 3 July, Heth's division, under the command of Pettigrew, joined George Pickett's division of Longstreet's I Corps in Longstreet's assault on Winfield Hancock's II Corps on Cemetery Ridge.

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Photo credit: National Archives
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