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the Left End of the Union Lines
at Gettysburg on
2 July 1863

Little Round Top
Source: Library of Congress

The second day at Gettysburg was the bloodiest of the three-day battle--over half of the casualties were taken on 2 July. There were two major actions taking place at opposite ends of the Union lines. On the Federal left, at about 4 PM, two of Lt. Gen. James Longstreet's I Corps divisions, under the commands of Maj. Gens. John Bell Hood and Lafayette McLaws, and Maj. Gen. R. H. Anderson's division from Lt. Gen. A. P. Hill's III Corps, assaulted Maj. Gen. Daniel Sickles' III Corps and Maj. Gen. George Sykes' V Corps. Longstreet had planned for his attack to be en echelon, meaning that his divisions would not attack all together but rather sequentially from right to left with Hood's division striking the Sykes corps first in the area around the Round Tops, the Devil's Den, and the Wheatfield, after which McLaw's division would strike at Sickles corps which had moved forward without orders into the Peach Orchard. The Federal troops were pushed back from their initial positions but, at the end of the day, the line from Little Round Top to Cemetery Ridge held.

Above is a photograph of Little Round Top taken from the area of the Devil's Den shortly after the battle. For a recent view of Little Round Top click here.

Using the links below, you can learn something about this part of the Battle of Gettysburg and the men who led the troops taking part in it.





George Meade
Daniel Sickles
Winfield S. Hancock
George Sykes
G. K. Warren
Strong Vincent
Joshua L. Chamberlain
Stephen Weed
George Custer
John Sedgwick

Robert E. Lee
James Longstreet
John B. Hood
Lafayette McLaws
J. E. B. Stuart
George Pickett

Devil's Den 
Summit of LRT
Slaughter Pen

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Map See a map of the battle lines on 1-3 July.
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