Welcome to
the Right End of the Union Lines
at Gettysburg on
2 July 1863

Cemetery Gate

The second day at Gettysburg was the bloodiest of the three-day battle--over half of the casualties happened on 2 July. On the Union right, at about 6:30 PM, Brigadier General George E. Steuart's brigade from II Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, began an assault on Culp's Hill, defended by Brigadier General Solomon Meredith's Iron Brigade from I Corps and Brigadier General George Greene's brigade from XII Corps. As the battle progressed, reinforcements arrived from XI Corps and from II Corps, and at this time Major General Jubal Early's troops began their assault on Cemetery Hill.

Above is a photograph of the main gate of Evergreen Cemetery taken shortly after the Battle of Getysburg.

Using the links below, you can learn something about this part of the Battle of Gettysburg and the men who led the troops taking part in it.




O. O. Howard
Winfield Scott Hancock
Henry Slocum
George Greene

Richard Ewell
George H. Steuart
Jubal Early
Edward Johnson

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Map See a map of the battle lines on 1-3 July.
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