14-Pounder James Rifle

14-pdr. James Rifle
The 14-pounder James rifle was developed by the Rhode Island militia General Charles T. James. Although made of bronze instead of wrought iron, it is very similar in appearance to the 3-inch ordinance rifle. The James rifle was designed to fire the 3.8-inch James shell, but, because of this projectile's low regard among artillerists, other ammunition designs were very often substituted. The James rifle fired shell, spherical case, and canister.

Bore Diameter 3.80 in (9.65 cm)
Tube Material Bronze
Tube Length 65 in (165 cm)
Tube Weight 918 lb (416 kg)
Powder Charge 0.75 lb (0.34 kg)
Range (5 Elevation) 1,700 yd (1,554 m)
At Gettysburg 4 (USA)

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Photograph by Peter Schwartz
Created 17 OCT 1999; 02 NOV 1999