Major General Thomas J. Jackson

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, "Old Jack" to his men, was arguably the best battlefield commander in the Civil War. A member of the Class of '46 at West Point, he taught mathematics and gunnery at the Virgina Military Institute before accepting the command of a brigade at the start of the War. He and the brigade earned the nickname "Stonewall" from General Barnard Bee for their stand at the Battle of First Manassas. Jackson was mortally wounded by a company of North Carolina infantry on 2 May 1863 at Chancellorsville after leading a brilliant flanking assault against O. O. Howard's XI Corps.

At Sharpsburg, Jackson was headquartered near the Dunker Church. There his troops received the attack by Joesph Hooker's corps at about 6:00 AM. The Dunkers (also called Tunkers or Dunkards) were a German Baptist pacifist sect, so it is ironic that the bloodiest single day of the War would take place on property owned by members of the sect.

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