Colonel John B. Gordon

John Gordon
John B. Gordon and his 6th Alabama was involved in the bloody fighting along the Sunken Road during the late morning's action in the center at Sharpsburg. During the fight, Gordon was wounded 5 times, the last wound being a bloody wound to the face. Gordon claimed that he was saved from drowning in his own blood by the holes that had been shot through his hat.

On 12 April 1865, Gordon was at the head of the column of the Army of Northern Virginia as they marched to the official surrender site where they were to stack arms and surrender their colors. When Johsua L. Chamberlain ordered the Federal troops there to "carry arms" in salute to the Confederates, Gordon reared his mount and dropped his sword to his boot tip to return the honor.

View the monument to John Gordon in front of the Capitol in Atlanta.

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Photo credit: National Archives
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