Dunker Church

The Battle of Sharpsburg opened at 6 AM on 17 September 1862 when troops of I Corps commanded by Joseph "Fighting Joe" Hooker advanced through The Cornfield and West Woods to attack Confederate troops led by Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. The objective of Hooker's men was a plateau commanded by Confederate artillery. On the plateau was a small church built by a German Baptist pacifist sect, the Dunkers (sometimes called Tunkers or Dunkards), on land belonging to the Mumma family.

The photograph above shows a group of dead Confederate artillerymen on the plateau with the Church in the background; below is a photograph of the rebuilt Dunker Church taken 1995. The church was moved to Sharpsburg and the empty building leveled by a storm in 1921. It was rebuilt in 1962.

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Photo credit (top): Library of Congress
Color photo by Peter Schwartz
Created 29 SEP 1998; Modified 24 JUL 2014