Bloody Lane

During the Battle of Sharpsburg, Colonel John B. Gordon's 6th Alabama of R. E. Rhodes' Brigade was positioned on the left at the bend in the Sunken Road, later called Bloody Lane, in the center of the Battlefield. The Confederate forces under Maj. Gen. Daniel H. Hill withstood several frontal assults on the position before Brig. Gen. Thomas Meagher's Irish Brigade was able to flank it, making it unteneble. The Confederate dead were two to three deep in the lane when it was finally overrun. Gordon, himself was wounded five times. The last wound was to his face causing him to fall, heavily bleeding, face-down into his hat. He attributed his survival to the fact that bullet holes in the hat allowed the blood to run out saving him from drowning in his blood. Below is a recent photograph of Bloody Lane, taken in 1995.

To see a photograph of the John B. Gordon Monument in Atlanta, click here.

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Photo credit (top): Library of Congress
Color photo by Peter Schwartz
Created 30 SEP 1998; Modified 24 JUL 2014