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I am not making these up! (With apologies to Dave Barry)

Neuticles - need balls for Fido?
Internatioinal Hedgehog Association
Nip Guards - protection against painful nipple abrasion.
Under-EaseŽ - "wear them for the ones you love."
- - for your "throne" room!
- DreamlandŽ - the ONLY reason to visit Tuscaloosa!
- Krispy KremeŽ the world's BEST!
Squirrel Defamation League
-Weird Al Yankovic's Official HomePage
In Search of Giant Squid - An extra large order of calamari.
PETA - It's NOT what you think!
Spam - The meat product of champions.
Hummer- Hummer Home Page.
Beer- The Real Beer Page
Bacon Explosion - a heart attack waiting to happen.

Other pages you might find of interest...or not

33d Alabama Infantry
The Travesty - "Still pimpin' in the digital age."
The Assault on Little Round Top and Cemetery Hill - Go back in time to 2 July 1863.
Sharpsburg/Antietam - Go further back to 17 September 1862.
The Zulu-Anglo War - It's January 1879 in Natal Province, South Africa.
Dilbert - Learn the truth about organizational dynamics and join Dogbert's New Ruling Class.
B5 - Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.
Bartlett's Quotations - When you are looking for just the right phrase.

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